Salt & pepper


Too often have you have mistaken the salt for the pepper and vice versa! This simple design combines the salt and pepper into one united and elegant solution. The salt shaker at the top holds ample salt and also serves as the crank to grind the pepper at the bottom. Salt on top / Pepper on bottom. Simple enough. Salt and pepper has never looked so good. 

Photo renderings in Kitchen and Dining Room environments (environments borrowed from 

This project is the culmination of extensive material studies, form explorations, and manufacturing processes, all with the simple goal of creating an engaging yet subtle object for the kitchen and the home. The project challenged the technical aspect of physically joining pepper and salt in one sleek container, while creating and object that is attractive as it is functional.

In addition to creating an executable product, a meaningful story was crafter around the use salt and pepper around the kitchen and dining table. Accompanied by a line of artisanal salts and peppers, the product becomes a whole package ready to make its mark on your daily eating rituals. In creating a salt that is tailored to accompany the experience of the salt-pepper mill at hand, the design pushes beyond the product and into the experience. 

Initial Prototype

All pieces are tension fit together so no glue or welding is necessary. The salt compartment is tension fitted to the body with the use of an o-ring, allowing easy removal for cleaning and refilling while at the same time giving it a smooth cranking resistance. 


The process involved countless sketches and models as well as technical drawings through traditional and 3D modeling softwares. Milling, wood turning, metal turning, stamping, and metal spinning are all processes explored in order to come to a final prototype ready for production. In additional, material sourcing, manufacturing, branding, and packaging were included in creating a holistic final product.