Programming Sound

Programming Sound has the purpose of redefining the ways in which we manipulate electronic music through coding and product design. Throughout the design process, coding sound and MIDI to intuitively and seamlessly bind itself to the design of the physical instrument were key to the success of the product. 

Skate and Play is a product designed to enhance the riding experience of a traditional cruiser. While the design of the board remains simple, the inner workings and experience that come out of it are complex and intuitive. The rider does not need to learn how to play the instrument but rather ride with the instrument. All sounds experienced are generated by the riders movements when they turn, push, speed up, and slow down. There is a certain level of randomness programmed into the instrument in order to adapt to long, more ambient tracks to compliment a long ride.

Plug in and enjoy the riding performance of Ray Sosseh, composer and collaborator on the project. All sound is recorded live from the board. 

Sap: Performance

In addition to riding, the skateboard can also be performed thanks to integrated buttons which take the place of some of the riding functionality. Percussions are added to the performance mode of the board to create more diversity in the track. 

mario midi

Mario MIDI is an exercise in creating a MIDI controller with the use of rapid prototyping tools such as laser cutting and Arduino. Skills include soldering, laser-cutting, programming ins Pure Data. The MIDI controller is inspired by the old NES Controller.