Augmented Body - reflective Active Wear 

In this collaborative studio merging product and apparel, the goal was to find a way to bring our knowledge of human factors and technology and merge it with the technics and processes of apparel design. Throughout the project we investigated different wearable technologies as well as apparel styles and how merging the two could produce functional as well as esthetically advanced designs. 

The direction I decided to pursue was active wear, and more specifically running apparel. I drew much of my inspiration from Nike and Adidas who's efforts in material exploration and advanced construction methods are worth investigating. The purpose of the final garment was to provide a light and roomy garment that would not stick or trap sweat, while at the same time provide an athletic fit that would permit ample ventilation throughout the garment while in use. 

The main fabric used is neoprene fabric lined with elastic lining; neoprene is a light material with high heat retention. Both the women's an the men's look feature ventilation vents that allow air to pass into the garment through the neck where the most heat accumulates, and into and out the back where most sweat tends to accumulate. The vents can be manually operated by the wearer in order to accommodate different levels of heat retention a expulsion. The moon meshed used in the lining allows high breathability as well as added visibility. 

Design Features 

All opening on the garment are self closing thanks to the use of high strength neodymium magnets. These allow the garments opening to easily be closed and opened when needed with the simple swipe of the hand or the use of the integrated pull cords. The mens look features a V-neck design with the vents opening on the shoulders. A second diamond shaped vent opens in the back to allow air to escape. 

The womens look features a cowl neck design with a draw string in the neck line for tightening when face protection is needed. The neck is easily folded over for a more airy breathable opening, allowing air to flow through and out the back diamond shaped vent. The vent is also operated by a put string which runs along the back line for easy access. 

Night Running 

A huge factor when considering running wear is night visibility. Both looks feature a fully reflective upper, which uses an invisible reflective particle directly adhered to the garment. In normal daylight, the reflective material is completely invisible, but provides high reflectivity at night in headlight light.